Recent Question/Assignment

Module CPU4001 Website Production
Occurrence Semester 2 - 2014/15
Document Module Assessment Specification – Assessment Item 002
Issue Date 9.00am Monday 23th March 2014
Submission Date Final website demonstration is during your timetabled session 15.
The deadline to submit the required zip file is 11pm, Monday of week 16.
You are required to design and develop a website based on a subject of your own choice.
Your first steps should be to plan your site and page layouts using preliminary sketches and wireframes diagrams before you create any web pages.
The site must contain the following ‘essential features’ and would benefit from the ‘additional features’ listed below.
You are permitted to use existing web resources such as HTML and CSS templates and JavaScript libraries such as jQuery to enhance the appearance and functionality of your website. Remember that you must properly reference any resources used in your website that are not your own in the required documentation (see Submission Requirements below). Any text editor, including Dreamweaver, may be used.
Essential website features
1. A ‘Home’ page, a ‘Contact Us’ page and, at least, three additional web pages of your own choice.
The ‘Contact Us’ page must include a contact form that uses the following from controls: text, textarea, radio, select, reset and submit.
2. A functioning navigation bar on all pages
3. Styling using an external CSS file (or multiple CSS files).
Additional Website Features
1. Accessibility
As you have discovered in doing Assignment 1, website accessibility is an important consideration to ensure that everyone can access web content. You should ensure that your website is accessible and is successfully validated by
2. Validation
You should ensure that your website contains valid HTML and CSS. You should ensure that your HTML is successfully validated by and that your CSS is successfully validated by
3. Use of multimedia
The website should contain multimedia to enhance its appeal to users.
4. See the Marking Guidelines section below for details of the site features required to meet the various assessment grade categories.
Submission Requirements
1. Give weekly demonstrations of your development work during sessions 10-14 and your final demonstration during session 15. No mark will be awarded if you fail to attend session 15.
2. Write a design summary document (no more than 1000 words) covering the design and development of your website. This document must contain the preliminary sketches and wireframes for your website design. You must also acknowledge to the use of, and properly reference, any resources used in your website that are not your own. There must be a link to a pdf version of this document on your website allowing the tutor to view it during the in-class demonstrations.
3. The visiting External Examiner may wish to see examples of student work; for this purpose, submit, via the Moodle file upload link shown at the top of the CPU4001 Moodle page, a zip file
containing all of your assignment 2 development files. The file name should be in the following format:
for example:
Remember to include an exported sql file so that your database and tables can be easily recreated if the External Examiner wishes to see it.
Please note
Work cannot be submitted via email or directly to the tutor, it must be submitted via Turnitin before the deadline. Take regular backups of your work as PC crashes on the day of a submission deadline frequently occur and cannot be used as a reason for not submitting work.
Marking Guidelines
The following are marking guidelines only; the tutor’s awarded mark is final.
Please remember that you will not gain marks for meeting the requirements a higher grade unless you have met all of the requirements of all lower grades.
Grade D, 3rd class honours level (40% to 49%)
• A website containing a home page, a “Contact Us” page and 3 additional pages of your own choice.
• Some evidence of styling using an external CSS file.
• A functioning navigation bar shown on all pages. • A contact form on the “Contact Us” page containing all required input types.
• A link to your Design Summary document (PDF) needs to be included on website. • All web site resources stored in a single folder.
Grade C, lower 2nd class honours level (50% to 59%)
• Meets all the requirements of Grade D in addition to the following.
• Consistent styling of all pages using an external CSS file.
• Use of images on all pages.
• At least one embedded video clip in the website.
• Logical folder structure that demonstrates ‘separation of concerns’.
• All HTML successfully validated using
• All CSS successfully validated using
Grade B, upper 2nd class honours level (60% to 69%)
• Meets all the requirements of Grades D and C in addition to the following. • Site accessibility validated by
• Data from the contact form saved to a MySQL database table using PHP. • Use of image roll-overs, rotators and galleries.
Grade A, 1st class honours level (70% to 100%)
• Meets all the requirements of Grades D, C and B in addition to the following.
• Use of advanced CSS concepts including the ability to select additional high-contrast and print stylesheets. You will need to research into this as it has not been covered in class.
• Testing of the site in various web browsers. Your findings should be documented in the Design Summary document.
• Create a facility that the website manager can use (perhaps by using a separate form and PHP script) to display contact form data that has been stored in the MySQL database.
Regulations relating to late submissions and plagiarism
Refer to the current Student Handbook on the Student Portal.