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AssignmentBrief Academic Year2020-21
Module code andtitle: FY026 Preparing for Success At University: Knowledge and Creativity Moduleleader: Alexandra Kraleva
AssignmentNo. andtype: CW1: ReflectiveEssay Assessmentweighting: 40%
Submissiontime anddate:
Target feedback time anddate:
Assignment task
Write an essay of 1000words Review and writeabout
• How and why you have developed as a learner during thismodule
• Further reflections on how to approach future challenges and expectations of a universitycourse
This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrateyour achievement of the following module learningoutcomes:
LO1 Demonstrate effective communication skills, applicable to academic and professionalcontexts.
LO2 Reflect on their individual performance, behaviour and experience in education and/or employment

Written work submitted as part of this assignment should be presented according to thefollowing:
1. The essay should be 1.5 linespaced
2. Font must be Ariel12
3. Follow the referenceguidelines
Internal approval: Ann Mullard, October2018

4. The assessment must be within the word count range900-1100
Referencing and researchrequirements
Please reference your work according to the appropriate style for your subject as defined in Cite Them Right Online ( This information is also available in book form:Pears,
R. and Shields, G. (2016) Cite them right: the essential reference guide. 10th edn. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Copies are available via the Universitylibrary.
How your work will beassessed
Your work will be assessed on the extent to which it demonstrates your achievement of the stated learning outcomes for this assignment (see above) and against other key criteria, as defined in the University’s institutional grading descriptors. If it is appropriate to the format of your assignment and your subject area, a proportion of your marks will also depend upon your use of academic referencingconventions.
This assignment will be marked according to the grading descriptors for FoundationLevel.
InformationPresentation 30%Self-reflection and Criticality 35% WrittenCommunication 35%
• You are reminded of the University’s regulations on academic misconduct, which can be viewed on the Universitywebsite: data/assets/pdf_file/0024/9546/Academic-Misconduct-Policy.pdf. In submitting your assignment, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood theseregulations
• Please also note that work that is submitted up to 10 working days beyond the submission date will be considered a late submission. Late submissions will be marked and the actual mark recorded, but will be capped at the pass mark (typically 40%), provided that the work is of a passing standard. Work submitted after this period will not be marked and will be treated as anon-submission.