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BSS601-6 Managing Operations and Projects
Assignment Briefing – Individual report
You have two assessments for this unit. Your first assessment is an individual case company based assignment. It constitutes 50% of your grade.
Highlights of Assignment -1 (Individual report)
You need to choose one case for your individual case report. You will discuss this with your tutor before finalising the topic. Your critical analysis of the case will help you to answer the following questions:

Q1. Identify three important Operation Management decision areas (eg., quality, layout and process design) in your chosen case company. Critically analyse the present activities of the firm on the chosen OM decision areas and suggest ways to improve performance. You need to use relevant academic literature to support your writings.
Q2: Make SWOT analysis for the chosen company with maximum five points for each category.

You will follow equal split for answering the above questions. That means you will have 50 % weight for question 1 and 50% weight for question 2. Also use Academic references and OM theory for discussing your case.
Further information
Assignment -1 – Individual Report - Operations Management (50%)
You will be required to undertake a case study and complete a case analysis report. This can be based on operations of your previous workplace or any other organisation known to you. You need to discuss and confirm with your tutor to agree upon a suitable topic. The report will be 2,000 words in length (not including references and appendices). It should include answers to all the case questions (given above) and must make use of relevant course concepts on the aspect covered. You will submit this report on or before 29 Jan.15 (midnight) through Turnitin. Your first submission is the final.
Composition of Marks for Assignment 1:
Marking Scheme %
Outstanding Excellent Commendable Good Satisfactory Fail
Application of course concepts, and evidence of background reading and research (including literature review). 30
Discussion and analysis of key issues in the case, and solutions 30
Coherent argument, logical structure, overall presentation of the report, and referencing 30
Participation and unique value addition 10