Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 1: Development of business idea and industry/market analysis
Weighting: 50%
Guideline length: maximum 2500 words
(including a 500 word appendix showing literature reviewed)
Mode of activity: Individual
This is part 1 of the development of your business plan, which is about crafting your business idea into a viable business model, reviewing your market or industry, identifying competitors and your competitive advantage. This will be based upon a relevant literature review (included as an appendix). Marks will be awarded as below:
Clarity, consistency and originality of value proposition(s) 15%
Clear identification of target market segment(s) (incl. size estimate) 15%
Comprehensiveness of market analysis 20%
Identification of competitors & comprehensiveness of competitor analysis 10%
Identification of competitive advantage 10%
Appendix: Relevance & comprehensiveness of literature review 20%
Overall presentation, including clarity of English 10%