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Performance of UK and Italy Banks on investment return during financial crisis
A study of comparison between two major banks of UK and Italy on their investment return during financial crisis
Following points should also cover in the assignment
1. Ratios (profitability, liquidity, ROI, ROA….)
2. Pre-cost and post-cost crisis(2003-20011)
3. Causes and effect of uk and Italy banks during financial crisis on investment return
4. Take these four banks two from each country (HSBC, Barclays, uni credits and intesa sanpaolo) compare them and search on them, give examples of these
They get success or effected by financial crisis
Who suffered most?
Note: please follow the layout given in the attached file. Each section is carrying different weight so explain them according to the requirement and please give more attention to literature review as it weight is of 25 higher than other. Research methodology should be clear and u also have to tell that which method u r using, u have to justify that. References list should b massive.
Assessment 3 (individual)
• This comprises one individual report of 5,000 words, plus or minus 5%. It is not so much the number of words as the quality/logic of the work that is most important.
• It is the responsibility of each student to establish their own topic for investigation, from one of the published “Broad Areas” for accounting and finance research. Then students should design their own investigation and methodology using knowledge gained in Term1 and 2.
• Remember to use secondary data only. Your topic should reflect a current issue in accounting finance, or banking as discovered in your investigations before and over the Christmas recess.
• The tutor feedback on your Research Proposal will be invaluable for your main research report. On the basis of the feedback, you may change the research question/title, methodology or indeed any aspect of your main report. However any such change must be cleared by your tutor.
• You should read widely to produce a comprehensive and authoritative report. Sources should be rigorously referenced using the Harvard system. These sources could include academic journals, books, newspapers, magazines and published annual accounts.
• Your report should be well structured, using the steps in the Research Process; logically coherent; and persuasive.
• Presentation and the use of English are important. You should use 12-point Arial and 1.5 spacing.
• The marking scheme for this assessment is attached as Appendix 3. Please note how each section of the marking scheme addresses and is related to different stages of the Research Process.
• A Title page proforma is included as Appendix 4. The Assignment Top Sheet should precede the Title page.
• Your report should be submitted direct into TURNITIN – no hard copies need to be submitted. Because so many students will be trying to use TURNITIN at this time, you are advised to put your submission into TURNITIN 24 hours before the deadline. NOTE: TURNITIN WILL DETECT ANY NON-ORIGINAL MATERIAL – any non- original material over 20% will be subject to disciplinary investigation.
• The TURNITIN gateway will close at Mid-night on Friday May 8th 2015. Email submission of your final report will NOT be allowed. Any electronic copy not received through TURNITIN will be deemed a “Non- submission”. No exceptions will be accepted.
Appendix 3
UG Dissertation Assessment Form
ADVANCES IN Accounting AAF005-3
Academic Year/Submission Date : -------------------------- -----------------------
Student Name/Number : ----------------------------------------------------------
Dissertation Title ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1. Introduction – clear and feasible research question; sound rationale / background; clear aims and objectives
2. Literature review - relevance; extent; balance of sources; evidence of understanding; critical edge

3. Research Methodology – description of methods, justification for choice, appropriateness, and extent of application
4. Data Collection and Analysis – quality of data collected, presentation and quality/logic of discussions/analysis of results/findings
5. Conclusion/Recommendations – logical and consistent with research literature review, findings / results, research question, aims / objectives.
-Appreciation of limitations;
-Appropriate policy/future research recommendations
6. Overall presentation –
Structure /logic /coherence / language /visuals /bibliography
Supervisor’s Signature (1st Marker) …………………… Date ………………
2nd Markers Signature …………………… Date:………………
Appendix 4
The University of Bedfordshire
Business School
Department of Accounting and Finance