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Coursework Information Sheet
To be supplied to students when they receive the coursework assignment task
Unit Co-ordinator: Rodolphe Ocler
Unit Name: Strategic Management
Unit Code: SHR602-6 Sem 2 A
Title of Coursework: Assignment 2 : Case study
60% weighting of final unit grade
Feedback details
The university policy is that you will receive prompt feedback on your work within 15 working days of the submission date. Exceptionally where this is not achievable (for example due to staff sickness) you will be notified as soon as possible of the revised date and the reasons behind the change.
Submission Date: 29 june 2015
Feedback Date: 26th July 2015
Details of how to access the feedback: Turnitin

Your task
company same Toyota
Based on the analysis provided in Assignment 1 (improved based on feedback received), your assignment 2 will be in the form of a consultant’s report. The exact presentation style will be at your discretion but should be a professional, business like report. It should also use Harvard referencing.
1. For guidance, the report should include
Identification of the possible strategies at the corporate and at the business level
2. Evaluation of the different possible scenarios
3. Your recommended route forward: explanation of the scenario chosen and critical analysis of the implications
The report should be based on the analysis (internal and external) of the firm performed in Assignment 1. However given the words count, you should focus on presenting and justifying your recommendations. You can work in group to do the analysis but your report must be prepared individually
The assignment should be 2400 words in length, (+/- 10%) The word count does not include appendices, references, bibliography, or other supporting material which are additional and do not contribute to your grade. Include only those things which you would include in a professional business report or which are essential background for markers if you are writing about a less well-known business.
Core Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this unit you should be able to: Assessment Criteria
To achieve the learning outcome you must demonstrate the ability to:
1 Recognise and understand the nature and characteristics of strategic issues and problems • Differentiate between issues and problems of a strategic nature and those of an operational or functional nature.
• Exercise research-based judgment in scoping the extent and content of the strategic challenges
2 Recognise the issues impacting upon strategic decisions at the corporate, business unit and functional levels of organisations
• Analyse the level at which strategic issues manifest themselves and recognise the form of solution or initiative required.
• Demonstrate the appropriate problem-definition skills in the development of such strategic responses
3 Deploy the analytical tools of strategic management in relation to both the external and internal environments of organisations Select and apply relevant techniques and methods of analysis required in strategic problem situations.
4 Synthesize, evaluate and develop appropriate strategic options for organisations taking into consideration a range of financial and non-financial techniques. • Demonstrate knowledge of financial and non-financial appraisal techniques and propose balanced strategic courses of action for the organisation. This should take into account a research-informed analysis of the pressures impacting organization. Critically review the strategy evaluation tools
• 60% Weighting towards unit grade
• Please submit your assignment to Turnitin in the assessments section of the Breo unit site by the stated deadline. You are allowed a single submission only so make sure you are happy with your work and that you submit the correct document.
• Feedback will be provided through Turnitin within 15 working days.
You will need to present your analysis and recommendations in a professional individual report of no more than 2400 words.

Assignment Guidance
Section / Title Details / Guidance
Title page Title of your report. Address (to/from) and date the report.
Executive Summary 150 word maximum summary of your report, including key recommendations.
Contents Page Include page numbers.
Introduction Short (approximately 250 words) introduction to the report setting out what the aims and objectives of the report are, what the report will cover and why.
Choice of corporate strategy Using third party sources (e.g. academic literature) and data collected about the industry and the firm analyse the concepts underpinning corporate strategy and choose the one more appropriate for your firm. You should make reference to any relevant models, and frameworks and include critical viewpoints.(Approximately 600 words)
Choice of business strategy Using third party sources (e.g. academic literature) and data collected about the industry and the firm analyse the concepts underpinning business strategy and choose the more appropriate one for your firm. You should make reference to any relevant models, and frameworks and include critical (Approximately 600 words)
Evaluation of the strategy and recommendation Evaluate the proposed strategies (corporate and business ones) using adequate frameworks and provide an explanation of why these strategies are best suited for your firm(Approximately 600 words)
Recommendations criteria This section should summarise the report aim and objectives and draw together the main points from your analysis of literature. It identifies what has been learned from undertaking this research it should clearly summarise the justification of your chosen strategies/ recommendations (approximately 200 words)
Reference List A list of all sources cited directly in the text. Harvard style
Bibliography List The sources you consulted but which you do not cite.
I Strategic options (what)
Existing New
Market penetration
Product development
Market development
Market penetration (justification)
My market is attractive I am relying on current
Competitive advantages (which one?)
II Business strategy (How)
Market penetration using
Bases of the competitive advantages
Cost leadership
Cost focus
Differentiation focus
Cost leadership (justification)
because I have some competitive advantages in that field
(Mastering the value chain, cost control system…)
III Evaluation of the strategy (Why) you use the strategy
did I take into account the trends, key drivers and power in the industry when designing my strategy ?
Did I identify the expectations of the key stakeholders? Is my strategy meeting those?
Do I have the competitive advantages to implement the chosen strategy? If not can I acquire them
Appendix based on
5 forces Power
Internal analysis
Competences Core competences
Value Chain Competitive advantages