Recent Question/Assignment

1. Title of dissertation is:
‘’What is the most effective prevention and intervention method in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer?”
2. Chapter of methodology:. this chapter including the follow
3. Select 8 articles according to this guidelines
• The content of articles include adult patient who have diagnosis with non-small cell lung cancer between 18 and 85 years old.
• The countries include US, UK, and other Europeans countries and the common wealth such as Australia, China.
• The published of primary research articles from 2005 to 2015.
Articles that related directly to this topic study should be included in the review. For example, my area of interest is
“What is the most effective prevention and intervention method in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer?”

• The articles you choose must be related to “effective prevention” in lung cancer - there are several study’s about ‘encouraging people to stop smoking’ as a prevention in lung cancer and the effect ‘not smoking’ has on reducing risk of developing lung cancer
• Secondly, the articles you choose must be related to “intervention method” for example- what does the research say about current ‘interventions’ or treatment ( i.e. medicine/drug therapy) for lung cancer?
• In my reviews discussion you will need to “critically debate “what is the most effective – prevention/and or intervention.
I also suggested that you look at a couple of literature review articles because they are very useful for identifying the breadth and scope of research available related to lung cancer “prevention and intervention” and also current “treatment” and the effect of the treatment on lung cancer. The review will help you in identifying
• Suitable quality articles
• Articles that fit with my study question
• Where the articles can be found-e.g. specific journals for further information about my study subject/area)
• the reviews will also help you in reducing the amount of time you spend searching for articles for your study

The research design ( i.e. qualitative or quantitative) is also another issue. Most studies in lung cancer specifically in the “prevention and intervention” area are likely to be “ quantitative” . However, there is no golden rule that says you cannot review qualitative studies too.
• Finally, discussion critically and debate of data analyses and data extraction
Have a look at the articles you have, consider the comments above and decide which ones you want to use.
• Plagiarism % 0
• Harvard reference style
• 3000-3500 word
• Need support by evidence maybe use research book