Recent Question/Assignment

Design a single stage bipolar amplifier followed by an emitter follower using BC547 series devices to provide:
Mid band gain 20 dB between 50 Ohm source and load Lower 3 dB frequency 10Hz, upper 3 dB frequency 20 KHz Maximum signal swing +/- 6 V
Explain all of your design calculations, draw the circuit in ISIS and simulate to provide an appropriate frequency response plot demonstrating that your design meets the specification.
(50 marks)
Produce the design calculations and simulation in Proteus for a battery powered electronic device that is capable of receiving an ultra-sonic test signal, converting it to the audio band with a clear output signal to drive 100 mW headphones.
The test signal is derived from an ultra-sonic transducer fed with a 100 mV pp 40kHz sinusoid and your device should theoretically operate satisfactorily at a range of 2 metres from the transmitter.
Your design should include component costing and consideration of battery power consumption/environmental impact.
(50 marks)