Recent Question/Assignment

The word limit for this assignment is 5,000 which does not include referencing.
Create a training session (comprising slides together with notes that explain the content and approach of the slides, plus any relevant supporting material that might be supplied in the form of printed handouts to aid delivery of the session) entitled Operational and Reputational Benefits of Compliance Activities for a Regulated Financial Services Organisation intended for delivery to the Board and Senior Management of an organisation with which you are familiar, that describes:
• What is the role of the Compliance function?
• How does the role of the Compliance function relate to the business objectives of the organisation?
• Relevant Compliance activities, how these should be carried out and how these will benefit the business
• The benefits that the Compliance function can bring to the business.
Your material should include relevant examples (either ‘real world’ or simply illustrative) to support the training focus.