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55 - 7947 Equipment Engineering and Design
Structural Failure Problem (7947 PBL)
A 6 ton pressure vessel - see dimensioned drawing - was being lowered onto a “stillage” or temporary supporting structure for testing outside a factory in the open yard.. The lower lugs were attached to the stillage and as the slings were being loosened by the crane operator, the vessel tilted slightly.
At this point one of the legs of the stillage collapsed. Luckily the slings had not been removed, so the vessel did not fall - but a serious accident was only narrowly averted.
It was subsequently noticed that the ground on which the vessel and stillage were being placed sloped at 5 degrees.
1. Why did the leg collapse? What effects or details did the designer ignore?
2. Redesign the stillage to avoid similar incidents in future, without increasing its footprint (width, length) since space is needed around it for testing.
3. Make recommendations on safe lifting and mechanical handling of the vessel.
Tips: work out the weight and the centre of gravity of the vessel. Check the load on each leg. Estimate the collapse load using a suitable formula and relevant assumptions.
Also look up the rules for similar mechanical handling procedures
All Theory and discussions must be directed and related to this problem. Lists of general/generic design issues, management techniques etc are not acceptable and will lose marks; all discussions must be related to the problem at hand.
Vessel details
Wall thickness 12mm. Hemispherical ends. Carbon steel.
Overall length 7.2m, diameter 2.4m
3 Nozzles (all on vessel centre line), pipe o/d 500mm, i/d 420mm, 500mm long.
Nozzle flanges, o/d 600mm, i/d 420mm, thickness 22mm
Stillage details
Section: 50 x 50 x 5 mm rolled steel angle. Welded construction. S275 steel (i.e. yield stress of 275 MPa).
Section Properties:
overall width 2m, length 4.4m, height 2.4m
Reminder of the Euler critical loads Pc which are valid for slenderness ratio l/k 80
What are the actual end conditions here?.
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Assessment criteria –PBL reports, module 7947 equipment engineering & design
See Marking Criteria sheet on Black Board.