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Module 12263
An Introduction to Psychological and Sociological Perspectives of Learning: Assignment Guidance
“A case study to identify psychological and sociological aspects of learning followed by recommendations and an action plan.
(2,000 words)
Choose the case study you will base your assignment on and mind map the factors you think are important in their learning. These factors might include both positive and negative aspects. Use this mind map to plan your assignment. Look carefully at the learning outcomes for the assignment and the assignment guidelines in the course handbook. Write in the 3rd person throughout the assignment.
Your 2,000 word assignment should include:
• A clear introduction setting out what you will cover in the assignment. Look at the learning outcomes and refer to the essay title. Remember the importance of confidentiality when using case study examples from a placement setting.
Main Section
• A brief discussion of the key factors which may affect the learning and development of the child you are writing about e.g. family background, lifestyle, health, ethnicity, employment circumstances of the adults caring for the child, the environment the child is growing up in (area of deprivation / affluence), consumerism, parental aspirations, attachment, language development, the learning opportunities for the child at home and in the setting and the learning environment within the setting.
• You will need to decide which of the above factors (4/5) is most relevant to the child and focus on these. Discuss each of the factors you think is important (e.g. living in an area of deprivation/affluence) and support your work with links to relevant theories (e.g. Piaget, Bowlby, Chomsky, Bruner, Brofenbrenner) and your wider reading.
• Consider the ways in which strategies and initiatives may support the child and their family and give opportunities for positive outcomes e.g. Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Healthy Living initiatives, Children’s Centres, Stay and Play sessions, Baby Babble sessions, parent partnership and partnership working between multi-agencies.
• Use a sub-heading to present your recommendations. Identify 3/4 strategies which could support the child and their family and state clearly how these could support learning and development.
• Support these recommendations with an action plan (included as an appendix) and presented in table form.
• A brief concluding paragraph which draws together the threads of your assignment.
Reference List
• A reference list which follows the university referencing guidelines and fully supports the differing perspectives presented in your assignment.