Recent Question/Assignment

Aim is clear, concise and is appropriate for a Masters level dissertation. Research questions are clear, logical and appropriate considering the aim. A number of interesting research questions are asked that should facilitate deeper investigation into the subject. Your objectives are not really objectives, they are more like your research question. The objectives should map out your work in terms of practical steps

The only problem with the aim is if Sainsbury’s & Tesco refuse to co-operate which is the likely outcome. We talked about doing this study with people you know in Nigeria – that is much better arrangement.

The literature review covers relevant topics in sufficient breadth and depth with good use of citations and a critical focus. The literature review is also well structured with a natural flow and suitable pace. The only thing to improve this is to add an introduction and conclusion – the introduction should prepare the reader for what is coming and the conclusion should reiterate the main points.

The methodology discuss your approach to collecting your research data, however this section is rather brief in comparison to the other parts of the assignment. You identify a quantitative method and you offer some justification for that choice. There are some parts missing though – in a study like this, sampling is an important aspect – namely who exactly are you going to be talking to. A random cluster sample is a start but who makes up the cluster? “Employees” is quite a broad term – this incorporates lots of different types of workers – cashiers, managers, senior managers, shelf stackers etc – who specifically are you interested in talking to.

Gantt chart breaks the project down in detail and identifies parallel tasks