Recent Question/Assignment

LO2. Critically appraise the approaches used to design epidemiological studies
LO5. Critically evaluate the role of exercise in relation to public health improvement and prevention of ill health
Assessment Task:

The assessment aims to demonstrate your ability to critically appraise the literature on the physical or psychological benefits of physical exercise to health including the used to design epidemiological studies.

Students will be required to select a research paper from a list of current peer reviewed papers relating to the physical or psychological benefits of physical exercise to health. Students are required to give a short presentation and critical evaluation of the paper. The presentation should last 15 minutes and 5 minutes will be allocated for questions (30%). Presentations must keep to time.

Presentations must be submitted electronically via moodle and will take place in the timetabled session (see week by week schedule above)

Presentation content
Content of paper adequately described and understood
Key points included such as aims, methods, results and conclusion?
Critical appraisal demonstrates understanding and contribution to the subject area
Conclusions balanced and viable
Suitable recommendations made
2. Presentation design and implementation
- Good quality slides. Legible and clear to audience.
- Planned and logical structure, smooth segways between sections
- Correct scientific language and notation
- Neatly presented text with no typos, grammatical errors
- Good use of tables and figures. Correctly formatted: clearly titled with annotation / legend text where appropriate
3. Verbal presentation and answering questions
- Good confident delivery of material, with good eye contact
- Good volume, timing and delivery speed
- Sensible transitions between speakers
- Ability to answer questions correctly, demonstrating a good understanding of underlying principles, providing supplementary information where appropriate
- Answers concise and to the point

4. Referencing
- Harvard referencing, properly formatted
- A range of good quality (appropriate) resources used
- References were cited accurately throughout the text
- No missing references