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The impact of globalization on trade and finance in Tunisia

Research Proposal
Research Questions
This research hopes to investigate the extent to which globalization has impacted the Trade and Finance in Tunisia over the period between 2007 and 2016. This dissertation will attempt to address the following questions:
I. Is trade influenced by globalization?
II. Does globalization has an affect on financial structures?
III. What financial resources does Tunisia depend on?
IV. To what extent Tunisian economy depends on trade in goods and services? Are there any barriers to trade?
V. Has Tunisia opened up to international trade and financial integration?
Literature review outline
? Globalization and its impact on economy in Tunisia
? The concept of financial globalization
? Globalization and trade in Tunisia
? International economic integration system.
? Tunisia and its economy relationship with European Union
? World Bank and its policy in Tunisia
? Tunisia Economy integration in Magherb Arab region
? Tunisia and World trade Organization.
? General Agreement on trade and Tariffs
? The effects of trade liberalization and free capital movements in Tunisia.
In this part of the dissertation there will be an explanation of the research method in order to answer the research questions. The quantitative research method would of more benefit in this dissertation as it deals with numerical data, rather than a qualitative approach which exhibits a view of the relationship among theory and research as deductive , as a result the qualitative research seems to focus on words more than numbers( Alan Bryman & Emma Bell,2007) in order to answer the research questions in this dissertation and due to nature of research title which deals with the impact of globalization on trade and finance in Tunisia over the period of time from 2007 to 2016, the quantitative research has been selected as the most suitable. The data will be collected from difference sources such as the World Bank and KOL Swiss Institute. This research study aims to analysis both trade and finance over several years, therefore two different models are used in order to show better clarity.
The first part deals with the impact of globalization on trade.
In this part of the research I will use globalization indexes and trade data of Tunisia over the period of ten years. The data regarding globalization is obtained from the KOF Swiss Institute. Trade data is collected though World Bank indictors. For this purpose the use of panel regression analysis is thought to best fit this study.
The second part deals with impact of globalization on finance in Tunisia over period of ten years. In model of financial structure measures, globalization indicators and other macroeconomic variables
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The impact of globalization on Tunisian economy
The impact of globalization on trade and finance in Tunisia
The impact of globalization on economy, trade and finance in Tunisia