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RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT (Web submit by noon Sunday, 20 April* 2014)

Accountants are often called to advise clients and to explain the implications of NZ accounting standards. This assignment is to check your understanding of business transactions and the rationale for your choices as you assist your clients. This assignment comprises 50% of the internally assessed work.


Discuss ONE of the following topics:
A. Accountants as business advisors
B. The effectiveness of accountants as business advisors
C. The role of accountants as business advisors

The work is to be produced in the form of a short paper (1,000 to 2,000 words excluding references). Single spaced, in arial narrow font, and with normal margins (2.54 cm).

Use the APA referencing style. Marks will be deducted where APA style is not used.
At least 10 academic articles, selected using as your search vehicle, should be used. You might find it helpful to use a bibliography package such as Endnote or Zotero to keep track of your references and near automatic APA style. Learn more from the University Library.
Your paper should be a succinct expression of your research focussing on accountants as business advisors. Ideas should be expressed in your own words, with very few direct quotes (properly referenced and included in quotation marks unless otherwise indicated as per APA referencing). Suspected plagiarism will be dealt with according to the policy and procedure referred to at the end of the paper outline. The essays will be submitted to ‘Turn-it-in’ for detection of copied work.

Assessment will be on the basis of:
a) Overall style (readability)
b) Relevance and ‘accuracy’ of content
c) Clarity of thought, concepts, and expression
d) Development/flow of discussion
e) Clarity of focus
f) Presentation and referencing
Presentation includes full referencing, and a level of sophistication of language as is expected of a University educated person!