Recent Question/Assignment

Good day I am inquiring about the cost of a 20, 000 word thesis (Chicago Referencing Style) that I need to be completed within the next 2 months. I would like to know how credible this company is. I am pursuing a Masters Degree in Social Work at the University of the West Indies, located in Trinidad (Caribbean).
My topic of research is :
Title: Exploring Mothers’ Physical Abuse as a Method of Disciplining Children in the Bangladesh (Curepe) community of Trinidad.
The study is a quantitative one with a sample size of 30 participants (mothers of children) and a descriptive research design and using Random Sampling. The area that the study will be conducted is in a place called Bangladesh in Curepe Trinidad that is home to approximately 1600 persons. It is a lower class community.
There are specific details to be adhered to based on the University's guidelines. I will attach all of the mandatory documents associated with this research project.
What other payment methods are available as Trinidad does not have the Paypal method. There is moneygram, western Union and credit card payments.
Would a qualified person versed in Social sciences be doing the project and is it a system where feedback can be used during the process if any changes need to be made.