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I just enquired the service for the dissertation. I am wondering the price range and what kind of support you could offer. Here is some information about my dissertation, and now I am kind of struggling with choosing the best topic which I will be able to develop it further. Also, what kind of contents are worth to include.
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Deadline: 12 pm, 5 April
Requirements: 3000 words
Type: dissertation draft
Title proposals:
Fighting Fake News with Service Design Principles
will Combating fake news on social media affect freedom of speech
The Design of Trust: Combating Fake News (deep face)
Addressing fake news and post turth on social media
How To Empower Users To Fight Fake News on social media through service design (media literacy)
The Fake new on social media, Impact on Your Life
The Impact of Fake new on social media,
The Fake new on social media, Insight - You Never Knew It Before
The Inescapable Effects of Fake new on social media,
Is Fake news on social media a Key Issue for the Human Being?
Title: How To Empower Users To Fight Fake News on social media through service design
How to define fake news, including 3 types of common fake news and global digital ethos
Why fake news is increasing and spread so fast?
Social media is the place that makes propaganda of fake news
The organic spread of misinformation by users themselves.- It’s a challenge because when you see something posted on your social media site that comes from one of your peers, colleagues, or family members, you are more likely to believe it,” said Krenn.)
Who is being influenced the most?
Senior people are more likely to share and believe the news on social media.
Effect - Explain the Negative impacts of fake news posted on social media sites
Fake news polarizes and manipulates the public (psychological aspect)
A shockingly large majority of health news shared on Facebook is fake or misleading
Will Social media advertising boost fake news?
Public trust is a big challenge
Fake fan page earn a lot of money from someone like their page
Actions have been taken.
Should the governments create laws to limit the publication of fake news on social media?
What is social media’s responsibility? AI- fact checking
Education -Media literacy approach
How can help people grow critical thinking and media literacy?
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