Recent Question/Assignment

1- Actually i have choosed Marketing category but i m not sure it s in this category. Topic is # Consumer behaviour towards functional food in Turkey # .
2- I choosed citation APA but not sure as an example: (Krauss 2012) must be used end of the cited sentence.(without comma between kraus and 2012).
3- I choosed as an software SPSS, anyversion is okay for me. The only thing is matter that i will provide you survey results and you need to analyz consumer questions result properly.
4- i can say number of page can be only 40 pages from introduction to conclusion.(even some pages you will put some tables,will be reduced number of pages naturally)
5- IMPORTANT that i need literature review for 10 pages till 22.05.2019 .
6- We need to work cooperated with supervisor trough her advices.
7- And i need more discount to afford this as a student.