Recent Question/Assignment

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1. Review the literature on teacher beliefs and situate the discussion on beliefs in the broad literature on teacher cognition. Refer particularly to the LANGUAGE teacher cognition literature. Constantly refer to efficacy beliefs. The key is to tell readers that it is important to understand (language) teacher cognition/beliefs/self-efficacy beliefs in teaching.
2. Pay attention to the dynamic relationships between beliefs and teaching.
3. Also, pay attention to factors that influence teacher cognition/beliefs. Present here the broad discussion on factors intrinsic (e.g., teaching and training experience) and extrinsic (e.g., context of teaching) to teachers that are associated with what they think about an issue related to language teaching (in your case, self-efficacy beliefs in methodologies) (See Simon Borg’s 2006 book on teacher cognition). This will help better understand the discussion later on factors associated with self-efficacy (beliefs).
Topic: Self Efficacy of English Language Teachers
Research Questions
1. How do EFL teachers perceive their self-efficacy for using different instructional strategies?
2. What factors are associated with EFL teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs?
3. How, if at all, are EFL teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs associated with their use of different instructional strategies in their classroom teaching?
Literature Review
Teacher Cognition, Teacher Beliefs and Teacher Self-Efficacy
A) Teacher Cognition & conceptual discussions
B) Teacher Cognition & review of empirical studies
C) Intrinsic (e.g., teaching and training experience) &
Extrinsic (e.g., context of teaching) Factors
(Issues related to language teaching, self-efficacy beliefs in methodologies)