Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment of Theory
Supporting Paper 2,500 words
When Due
20 October
Part A - The student will produce, present and defend a poster that can be used as an education resource for staff in the clinical setting.
The students poster will be assessed on:
• Visual impact
Text to picture ratio and colour selection. The poster should visually appeal and make you want to get closer for a better look.
• Organisation of material
The poster should be in sections, easy to read, have a clear title, unambiguous with a helpful, relevant abstract.
• Content
The content should demonstrate a critical understanding of the needs of the audience, some originality in its message, comprehensive attention to scientific rigor and appropriate referencing.
• Verbal delivery
The presentation should be fluent, appropriate pace, good eye contact, student stands to one side as to not obscure the poster.
• The ability to respond to questions
Listens to the questions asked, answers question fluidly and appropriately, demonstrates a critical understanding and comprehensive knowledge of the research presented.
The student can produce an A0 poster or present the poster using Microsoft PowerPoint
Part B - The student will critically analyse and evaluate the evidence e that underpins their poster
The supporting paper will:
• Give a brief rationale for their choice of topic
• Critically discuss the theory that underpins the content of their poster.
• Develop a strategy of how they will use and evaluate the poster as an education resource.
• A copy of the poster should be included as an appendix