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I am writing with regards to assistance with my dissertation which is due on September next year. I am writing on the topic “the impact of leadership positions on the management of the NHS hospitals in England”. My supervisor wants me to write and submit in chapters and the word count for the entire work is 20000. Please find attached, a copy of the first work she wants me to complete before 20th December. I look forward to hearing from you soon about this.
6 Nov 2019
Attempted topic
-The impact of gender on leadership position on the management of the NHS hospitals in England-
Research question???
Option 1: how gender in leadership position impact on
successful management of NHS hospitals in England?
Aim ??
Specific objectives??
Methodology: Literature review
What to do next?
1. Is it feasible to work on the topic?
Explorative literature review to get knowledge of what is
known about the topic and how relevant the topic is.
2. Define and refining the research question, the aim, the objectives
3. Start to write the Introductory chapter
a. The context: NHS hospitals in England, characteristics from the managerial perspective, main challenges for hospitalsmanagement
b. Role of the -leadership positions-; need to well define what is meant as leadership position
c. Current state... (any institutional source, or literature, telling something about gender in leadership positions in England?
Dissertations contents:
• abstract
• clear statement of research question, aim and objectives
• introductory chapter setting the scene and explaining the relevance of the study to your masters programme
• a critical review of the background literature informing the study, including relevant research, policy and guidelines
• a methodology and methods section that contains and overview of the design selected and why this is appropriate to answer the research question posed; specific and clear explanation of the methods used to collect and analyse the data, with rationale for this choice.
• a results section stating what was found which may include analysis at this stage or
• a separate chapter showing how the findings were analysed (for example using statistical tests, coding or thematic means)
• a discussion chapter where you consider the findings in light of what is already known about the topic
• a conclusions chapter in which the answers to the research question(s) posed are considered, including the implications of the study, as well as personal reflection on your experience of conducting the study, and any practice, management, policy and research recommendations.
• A full list of references using the Harvard system. You may also choose to include a bibliography if significant background reading was undertaken.
• In the appendices: a copy of your Supervisor Agreement Form and records of all supervision (see section on Working with your Supervisor on this site.)
• Copies of any relevant correspondence should be included as appendices. This might include correspondence with experts, ethical application and approval documents or forms for FHLS research approval - please consult the Ethics Handbook on those site for further information and ensure that you adhere to the Universitys Confidentiality and Anonymity policy.
• Concise appendices are permissible; however these are not assessed, therefore all information essential to the coherence of the dissertation needs to be in the main body of the dissertation. Do not include copies of any journal articles reviewed.
Next meeting: before Christmas holiday, to be agreed. Need to email the introductory chapter before meeting.