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Hi there ,It is a research paper for English 103. This is the syllabus& writing method for the course. As u can see no plagiarism is allowed. U have to write your own. U can reasearch on internet but this need citation. It can 3000-4000 word. It is a partly assignment. Every week have to submit something because the class is going on. Professor have his own requirements & method on his paper. First week we have to submit Topic, thesis, arguments & counter arguments. Then the following week annodated bibliography due. Next is outine. Rough draft & finally full paper on 25th February. Upcoming Thursday annodated bibliography due. So everyweek I will give u handwritten classwork for how to write the paper. Thanks
English 103
Course Description
- The Research Paper
instructor•. Trenton Truiti
Students how to Choose an appropriate academic research topic,
organize and integrate
material into essays plagiarizing. find
and evaluate hoth print on•line sou
and practice note-taking.
and quoting in text citations and learn to a Works Cited page.
Attendance Policy
with documentation. Total excused plus unexcused Iu»urs may be no more than 9 hours
Absence Will lower your participation grade, If you are absent you must get notes and make up
any work _ PQse emails/plwne with a Of Stwlents
absence does NOT affect the d ue dates assignments. It is always ymlt• responsibility to
the to by due date by at start time of class if
absent on the due date.
Lateness Policy
Please arrive BEFORE the scheduled start time for class. If you arrive after the starl time you
will be marked LATE. You are marked absent if cwer mins. late. Lateness will affect your
participation grade.
Assignment Due Dates
Assignments must be printed out and submitted at the START of class on the due date. Coming
in late will always mean a 10 point lateness deduction If you are present and don't have it
printed out, it considered late and -ill be marked down 10 points. Emailed assignment
are only accepted in case of absence. If you email the assignment, it is YOUR to
make sure the email went through. You can email me from your or personal account.
Classroom Etiquette
Please silence all cell phones in class and only use your phone in case of emergency or when
given permission to do so. Also. please do NOT chat to each other while the teacher or another
student is speaking.