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Assessment 1 —Staff Handbook Guidance Document
weighting — Marked out of I
You are the manager Of GO Travel. a travel company business that is based in London and organises
European holidays. Business is growing and you have decided to open two new Otlices in Europe. You
have recruited local workers for each Of these overseas locations so English is not their first language.
Since opening the new offices GO Travel has received many complaints from customers Who think that
the staff are very unorganised and there is no communication between the offices. When the staff were
questioned about this, they admitted that they try and avoid contact With the staff from the Other
countries due to insecurity their language ability and previous cultural misunderstandings. The
time difference txtween the countries has also made it difficult to maintain regular contact.
You want to implement some new policies in the workplace to encourage the employees from all the
onices to communicate more effectively. You have decided to have regular skype meetings to discuss
company related issues, and to encourage txtter relations the different nationalities.
You decide to distribute some posters around the staff rooms in each country to highlight some Of the
issues that Will addressed in the meetings. The posters should provide images highlighting relevant
communication barriers and strategies to overcome them as well as showing cultural awareness.
Prepare a two-page 1k)Ster and accompanymg notes to support the Em»ster providing a logical
explanation to the message. The accompanying notes should not exceed 5(H) words. Please
provide references.
Marks will be awarded for achieving the learning outcomes and your ability to provide a well-
designed m»ster and notes.
Common Assessment Criteria Applied
I-02 - Identity common challenges and barriers to effective
L03 - Devise and develop strategies for overcoming communication
1.06 - Demonstrate awareness of cultural influences on communication
and ne otiation
Poster format and quality of notes
Marks available

Editable Microsoft Word Document (2 page poster)
Word Count: 321 words

Editable Microsoft Word Document (Poster Notes)
Word Count: 551 words including References

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