Recent Question/Assignment

The screenshot showing the assessment I have to pass to get into the final dissertation/ thesis report which is around 60 pages, but we will start with the project planning report which is 7 pages, the date and time shown in the previous screenshot, project details shown below.
This project will aim in the development of a maintenance software system as well as the student skills in collaborative working and information related to prevention maintenance, workflow maintenance operations, health and safety, maintenance data collection and implementation.
The project will allow to know how to reduce equipment failures and down time with prevention maintenance work orders, the ability to schedule periodic inspections and/or carrying out regular maintenance to prevent, detect and correct any possible failures before they occur or develop into major issues leading to equipment downtime Manage and generate periodic work orders to either time based or usage-based frequencies schedules.
The need to compare in machine-learning experiment results with each other and collaborate positively to be performed thoroughly on the same computing environment using the same sample datasets configuration in terms of analyse and archive properly with provenance metadata, the aim of this practice is to interchange machine-learning metadata over different machines to achieve a higher level of interoperability.
Maintenance is a high-risk activity therefor the student will work in prevention and maintenance activities for the maintenance software such as inspection, measuring, observing and testing for equipment’s and machines, the aim is to reduce workplace health and safety risks through correct monitoring and manging.
Project outcome:
1- The ability to report on maintenance software effectively.
Preventative Maintenance - Reduce equipment failures and downtime with Preventative Maintenance Work Orders to either Time based and/or Usage based frequencies schedules.
Work Orders & Requests - Request/Track and record work detailing the: Tasks to be performed, Parts, Trade/Person, Permits, Safety Notes, Time for full History and Reporting.
Fixed Asset Management - Hierarchical Tree structure to logically organise Assets showing: Maintenance Activities, History, Readings, Spare Parts, Documents, Movements and much more.
2- Pull out the right key performance indicators to oversee the maintenance operations.
3-Easily and effectively create overlapping maintenance schedules for the equipment using the maintenance software.
4- Examine, record, secure and review all of the machines maintenance data.
5- The Development of the maintenance software system.