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CST3003 Assignment 1

Due date: 20 Jun 2020
Weighting: 20%

After a number of business seminars dealing with the future adoption of technologies within the business framework a theme of Mobile computing, the need for the business sector to enable employees a flexible access to the company services was highlighted. This meant giving employees freedom to move out of their cubical and still have access to their information and services.
The most obvious solution that was suggested was to introduce tablet to the employees to supplement their access to their work. This way they could use their desktops as the standard working platform, but for the impromptu and dynamic meetings to trouble shoot problems and discuss new developments, the tablet could be used. Since the organisation uses the desktop PC as client only device with all the processing performed using the back end servers adding extra connections would only be a temporary solution. A redesign which looks to better capitalise on the change in technology might be a more scalable solution.
The new mobile devices direction from management means that the network design needs a major rethink and redesign especially if portion or all of the services will be moved to the cloud. The organisation also plans to split into two separate offices to bring their operations closer to their main partners and customers in the future. It is believed that their proximity to major partners will help them to better service the partner needs and grow the organisation.
As a result of the new direction you have been tasked to provide a report to address the following areas of concern and also provide more information to facilitate a better decision making process.
Note: When we say Mobile devices we mean devices that can be used by employees to access the data and services in an unstructured network environment as well as through other third party networks.
You are to provide a report to address 3 areas of concern and educational needs raised during the meeting.
• The cloud solutions are not well formulated at the moment due to some misunderstanding of what the term actually means. Research and provide a paragraph describing cloud services benefits to adopting cloud as a solution.
• Describe the types of cloud services that are available along with benefits and disadvantages fof each solution as it impacts the organisation described.
• As the organisation is determined to move to cloud services identify the solution that you believe would best meet the organisational needs for now and in the future. Provide justification for your recommendations.
Please read the next section very carefully.
Format for Assignment
Your report MUST follow the structure for a report, however, you will not be required to submit the following sections: Glossary, or Appendices. You may want to consider the structure of the marking scheme when structuring the body of your report.
Your report must include references where you have used other sources (both in the body text and listed at the end of the report) . Work submitted with no references in the body of the report will NOT be accepted.
Your report must be printed with 1.5 line spacing; at least 12-point font size.
Assignments not following the report style will be heavily penalised.
Penalty will apply for exceeding the due date.
WIKIPEDIA is not considered a suitable reference source and its use in referencing is strongly discouraged. You should not have it as a reference in the assignment.
The assignment is to be submitted online.