Recent Question/Assignment

? Recommended journal style: Forest Ecology and Management
? Must be 7500 words
Your project is to be written up as a paper manuscript.
You must follow the Author Guidelines for your journal with regard to all aspects of content, structure, formatting, referencing and style of your manuscript, but with three exceptions:
1. Your word limit will be 7500. This is for the main text, i.e. not including the abstract, figures, tables and their legends or the reference list. Please include a word count on the title page.
2. Figures and tables should be embedded in the text and each should be positioned with its legend.
3. Your electronic submission should be a single file; any supplementary information which is really necessary should be included at the end of the manuscript (and not included in word count).
Each Masters programme has a specified journal or list of journals from which you will select, below.
• If the journal(s) for your programme are not appropriate for your project, your first option is to select a journal listed for another programme.
• In the unlikely event that none of the journals listed for any programme are appropriate for your project, consult with your supervisor, select another journal which is appropriate and get your choice approved by your Programme/Project Coordinator.
Please state which journal style you are using on your title page.