Recent Question/Assignment

Task 1: Report Weighting: 100%
Due: 1th December; 4pm Word limit: 2500 words
Topic – Consumers in a pandemic
You seek to narrow down the broad topic given above and formulate a research question for an empirical study. You are then to propose a research design for the research question that has been identified. Your research design should detail: the type of research design; research approach; research strategies and methods; data collection methods; data analysis techniques, ethical considerations. Your choices must be justified using evidence from academic or industry-based publications.
Marking Criteria Weighting
Context and research question 15%
Justification of research approach and strategies 25%
Outline of data collection and analysis methods 25%
Ethical considerations 10%
Budget, Timeline and monitoring 10%
Quality of work (structure, presentation, referencing) 15%
**Please note that it is not required for you to conduct the research - you are only being asked to draft the research design.