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Assessment instructions
Assessment 1 – 75% (Submission deadline 25th Nov 2020) You are expected to submit an Individual portfolio which includes, evidence of completing five Career development modules on LinkedIn and 500 words summary of the 5 modules. This should be submitted along with the evidence of completion which can be an image of a certificate of completion or a print screen showing your details on the dashboard.
In order to complete a career wellbeing module, you are also expected to take the in-task assessments and open all the resources embedded in each module.
The career LinkedIn career development modules to complete are:
1. Critical Thinking (59 mins with Qs)
2. Resilience (34 mins with Qs)
3. Emotional Intelligence (1hr 8m with Qs)
4. Teamwork (31 mins with Qs)
5. Career conversations (1h 1m with Qs)
Leadership (59 mins with Qs)
Having development conversations opment%20conversations&u=56744289
Finding a job and managing yourcareer
Why do career conversations matter? opment%20conversations&u=56744289
How to develop your career plan
Your submission should be one single document which contains, evidence of completion of each module and a 500-word summary (100 words per module) demonstrating key learning from taking the wellbeing module and how the skill can give you competitive advantage in professional and or personal settings.
Example for 500-word Summary
What is the skill – description /definition
Why do you need the skill – relate to the professional context and provide examples of how you might use it at work or make you more employable.
How do you cultivate it – ways to develop the skill
Structure all 5 mini-paragraphs in the same way
Download your PDF certificates. Take a screenshot and insert them into your word document as evidence of completion:
Assessment 2: 25% (Submission 26th November 2020)
Write a reflective report (1000 words) based on specific job specification (attached to your submission) demonstrating how your newly acquired knowledge and skills from taking the career wellbeing programme prepares you as an ideal candidate for the identified job role. Your reflection should address the following: Evidence of self-awareness, managing relationships, personal resilience and emotional intelligence.
You are to complete the following modules as part of preparation for the second assignment: Take a mock interview, Application planning and writing your CV, these are all available on the career development portal.