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Need a dissertation of 6000 words on
Topic for Dissertation -
Should the grounds for divorce be fault based or no fault based?
What are the implications of no-fault divorce?
No fo words - 6000
Masters level
Family law
Chapter 1 - Divorce Law in England and Wales: History, Evolution and Current Form
Chapter 2
? This research wants to evaluate the grounds of divorce in the current law v New law of Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 for no-fault.
Chapter 3 This research wants to evaluate an option to defend the divorce under new law (Divorce,dissolution and separation Act 2020) and see what statuary requirements are required.
Chapter 4 :Studying the impact of divorce under new law (Divorce, Dissolution and Seperation Act 2020) v Current law.
The new law doesn’t give an option to defend, so what impact can it have on Overseas citizens who might have an option to defend divorce in their domicile countries but UK doesn’t give an option to them.
Need by 20th Dec early morning
Every line should have a reference to case law, statute, books journals,articles
as per OSCOLA Guidelines