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Regulations and advice on the format for the presentation of the Dissertation
1. Number of copies
One electronic copy must be uploaded to the Assessed Assignment Submission area within the module area of Minerva. A hard copy of the Dissertation is not required. If you need to upload any additional data in a separate document, there is an additional submission area to upload this.
2. Indicative length
The main body of the Dissertation must not exceed the word limit. The word count must include everything within the main text of the Dissertation: this includes the abstract and contents page, lists of tables and illustrative material, and any tables, diagrams, subtitles, and footnotes and references which are included within the main text. The word count does not include the title page / front cover, any acknowledgements, and bibliographies, end lists of references or appendices.
Please note, however, that “appendix abuse”, where the appendices are used to present matters of substance which should be included in the main body of the text, is not acceptable: the text must remain understandable without reference to any appendices.
Any words presented in image format (within graphs, tables, or other graphics), must be included in the word count: words displayed in these formats may need to be counted manually, as they will not be detected by the word count function on most word processing software.
3. Text
Dissertations should be presented in a high quality standard typescript of 10* or 12* pitch or a point size in the range 10 to 12 point.
Text that is in upper case only or in which some letters are non-standard is not acceptable as Dissertation text.
4. Layout
Typing shall be in double or one and a half line spacing (except indented quotations or footnotes where single spacing may be used).
5. Pagination
Pages of text and appendices should be numbered consecutively through the Dissertation including photographs and/or diagrams where possible.
6. Title Page
You should use the Leeds University Business School Dissertation / Project coversheet as your title page, this can be found here
7. Table of contents, lists of tables and illustrative material
The contents page should list the Chapter Headings and the breakdown into sections. A list of tables, a list of figures, and list of appendices should be provided where applicable.
It is often convenient to break each chapter into numbered sections, e.g. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1 etc. These should be listed on the Contents Page to make for ease of reference.
Words included in contents pages, lists of tables, figures, or appendices, and subtitles within the main body of text must be included in your word count. Words in illustrative material presented within the main body of the text should be included in the word count (counted manually if necessary).
8. Acknowledgements
It is not compulsory to include a list of acknowledgements but it is common practice to do so. Students may wish to acknowledge the part their Supervisor has played in assisting them in the preparation of the Dissertation, as well as others such as family members who have helped in the production of the Dissertation. It is not necessary to include the acknowledgements in the word count.
9. Declaration of Academic Integrity
The Declaration of Academic Integrity is an automatic part of the submission, the Dissertation Cover Sheet states:
By submitting an assignment you confirm you have read and understood the
University of Leeds Declaration of Academic Integrity