Recent Question/Assignment

Formative Assessment: 4th November 2020
Formative assessment is given at review points during the module and presentation
Summative Assessment: Deadline 8th December 2020
Assignment Brief: Product a creative report including research 2000 words comparing two retailers/brands.
Write an analysis of the task a fashion buyer undertakes and their interconnected relationship with the merchandiser.
Your report should be creatively presented.
• Diagnostic shop report and primary research
• Key competitor price/style matrix
• Visual explanation of buying cycle and fashion calendar
• Trend and Colour concept board
• Customer profile
• Concept and range proposal for existing brand and rationale
• Written analysis of fashion buyer and the interconnect
relationship with merchandiser.
• Ethical and sustainable brand research
• Annotation and reflection on critical path
• Visual merchandising journey.
Creative Portfolio: 100%
Implementing a clear understanding of buying and merchandising by assessing and developing an existing fashion brand range report.
Each report should evidence a separate visual research workbook including appropriate supportive material, demonstrating:
• Breadth of research and depth of analysis
• Planning, experimentation and creative ideas
• Creative Report consisting of visuals and writing of 2,000
words. (+ / - 10%)
Students will be expected to include:
• Introduction
• Conclusion
• Bibliography
• Evidence of your planning process throughout
• Evidence of primary and secondary research
• Clear understanding of your brands needs
• Experimentation and creative ideas development
• Additional digital techniques; including graphic and
editing skills
• Clear referencing of work and use of images