Recent Question/Assignment

I am looking for some help with getting started on my dissertation. My requirements are urgent and quite specific as detailed below:
I have struggled to get started with my economics final year project which I need to get completed by the 11th May.
My supervisor has been very unhelpful and it has led me down a path where I have been stuck at the same point for months now. I am looking to investigate consumer preferences in drinking locations, and how/why consumers choose to drink alcohol either at home or out in pubs. I have found a fair bit of literature surrounding the reasons for this (although not from an economics perspective). I want to carry out a survey to find out revealed preferences of respondents and analyse these results before comparing them to the existing literature.
The issue I have ran into is that my supervisor is not happy that there is any economic theory behind my research. I have spent hours trying to find this and look at how this topic has been researched from an economics perspective but I have not been able to find any economic theory to explain this. My supervisor continues to say that this topic can be done, but not without finding the -economic theory- behind it. He refuses to help me any more than this and this is the help I am looking to pay for.
I need someone to help me find the economic theory behind this and help me structure how my dissertation would work. It is 6,000 words and I am not bothered about getting a high mark, I just need to pass this module! I am open to moving away from -drinking locations- and look at consumer preferences towards alcohol from another perspective if this would be easier. Ideally, I would like to stick with doing a survey as I feel this will make the analysis section easier for me. Econometrics is not an option for me as my degree is Economics and Management, I have not been taught any econometrics throughout my degree.