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Assignment Brief Academic Year 2020-2021
Module code and title: FY027: Preparing for Success at University: Self Development and Responsibility Module leader: Diana Munoz
Assignment No. and type: CW2: Portfolio and Reflective Summary Assessment weighting: 60%
Submission time and date: 21/05/2021 Target feedback time and date:
Assignment task
Using materials generated during the mini project workshops and through your independent study, populate a portfolio of evidence of your learning and development during the module.
Write a 500 word answer to the question:
How and why have the mini project workshops contributed towards the development of your employability?
This assignment requires you to:
1. Create a portfolio using the Blackboard Portfolio tool.
2. Add sections to a page within the portfolio to create themed spaces to which materials can be uploaded.
3. Choose a selection of documents to upload to the portfolio.
A minimum of 12 documents is suggested.
• These should be materials generated during FY027 mini project and employability classes, or through independent study relevant to these aspects of the module.
• These materials might include
o a selection of reading logs related to the projects
o photographs of work completed in class or typed up work from class
o reflections on how your project work meets the learning outcomes
o examples of academic writing
o an up-to-date CV
• There is no word count for these documents although it is anticipated that they should provide a minimum of 1500 words, or equivalent, in addition to the summary.
• Using the Learning Outcomes may help you to choose which documents to include.
4. Upload the documents to the relevant themed sections.
5. Share a snapshot of the portfolio with your seminar lecturer.
6. Write a 500 word summary explaining your choices of the Portfolio contents to be submitted via Turnitin.
Internal approval: Ina Stan, 28/01/19

Portfolio workshops will be provided to help you to complete these tasks.
This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:
LO 1 Demonstrate effective communication skills, applicable to academic and professional contexts.
LO 3 Identify own academic and professional development needs and create an action plan.
LO 4 Demonstrate an awareness of the global context of higher education and employment.

Task requirements
• Written work submitted as part of this assignment should be presented in Arial 12, 1.5 line spacing
• The summary must be within the word count range 450-550 words
• Other submissions should be submitted in an appropriate format, as agreed with your lecturer.
Referencing and research requirements
Please reference your work according to the Harvard style as defined in Cite Them Right Online ( This information is also available in book form: Pears, R. and Shields, G. (2016) Cite them right: the essential reference guide. 10th edn. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Copies are available via the University library.
How your work will be assessed
Your work will be assessed on the extent to which it demonstrates your achievement of the stated learning outcomes for this assignment (see above) and against other key criteria, as defined in the University’s Foundation Year grading descriptors.
This assignment will be marked according to the grading descriptors for Foundation Level. Assessment Criteria
Information Presentation 30% Analysis and Criticality 35% Written Communication 35%
Submission details
• You are reminded of the University’s regulations on academic misconduct, which can be viewed on the University website: data/assets/pdf_file/0024/9546/Academic-Misconduct-