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Digital Marketing
Case Study Assessment Guide
This is Case study report.
Weighting: 70%
Learning Outcomes Evidenced by this assignment:
1. Evaluate the relevance of traditional marketing theory to the digital realm.
2. Appreciate and understand the importance of interdisciplinary research to digital marketing
3. Appraise key metrics for evaluating digital campaign performance
4. Consider the relevance of traditional marketing thought to contemporary digital domains.
5. Evaluate how digital marketing can be integrated into company and marketing strategy
6. Understand how to develop a coherent digital marketing strategy and evaluate its results
7. Apply digital campaign management skills to contemporary organisations
8. Evaluate theory independently and understand how it applies to relevant case examples.
Submission procedure: All submissions should be submitted via Turnitin on the Moodle Page.
Return of feedback and marked work:
Feedback will be provided via Grademark on the Moodle page within three weeks of the submission deadline.
This assignment is a case study for coursework component 2.
Details of the task
Students have been provided with a case study on KUONI. The reference for the case is as follows:
Fenton A., Heinze A. (2015). “Fan Fit: Developing a Sports Club Social Media and Fitness App to Engage Fans”, The Case Centre,
A copy of the case study has been uploaded to the Moodle site.
Using relevant digital marketing theory and industry sources, students should address the following questions:
1. What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Treats for Fan Fit?.
2. Who are the competitors for Fan Fit?
3. What is the digital marketing strategy that you would recommend for them in order to be able to sell in other markets that you fell would be appropriate?
4. How should Fan Fit use Channels, Content and Data to reach its buyer personas?
5. What changes would Fan Fit have to make to implement the new strategy?
The assignment is due at 16.00 on Friday, May 14th 2021 via Turnitin.
Students must submit the assignment with the correct front sheet to Turnitin, failure to do so will result in a penalty of 10%.
Assignment Instructions
You have been asked to answer the question in a structured report. All the questions are related one to each other.
· Short introduction
o Question 1
o Question 2
o Question 3
o Question 4
o Question 5
· Short Conclusion and personal reflection
· Bibliography
· Length 2000 words
Skills Advice
Refer to your material provided in your skills modules to make sure that you have conformed to academic conventions. Pay particular attention to:
· Your introduction
· Your conclusion
· The use of headings and/or signpost words
· Paragraph structure
Do refer to Info skills at
The university expects students to use Harvard referencing as specified in the book Cite them Right.
· Refer to for further advice and a link to an online version of Cite them Right
· You should be careful to include citations within your work as well as a reference list at the end. Unreferenced work will fail.
Word Count
Your word count should not include your introduction, conclusion, abstract, contents, reference list or appendices. You should provide your word count at the end of your assignment
Exceeding the word count by more than 10% will result in a penalty of 10% of your marks for your work.
If your work is significantly shorter, then you will probably have failed to provide the level of detail required.
Submission to Turnitin of Work Submitted for Assessment
Our policy on the use of Turnitin recognises the educational desirability that all of our students should enjoy the opportunity to self-submit their work to Turnitin (before submitting for assessment). We also recognise that Turnitin Originality Reports will sometimes assist in the identification of plagiarised work submitted for assessment.
Work that is submitted to Turnitin generates a Turnitin originality report, showing which parts of it have been reproduced from which sources. The system compares submissions to material that is to be found: on the world-wide web; in its database of previous submissions; and in its growing number of databases of published articles. You should not assume that a Turnitin originality report with a low similarity index is evidence that the piece of work concerned is free from plagiarism.
Actual Mark
Correct Answer to the question using appropriate data and theories
Depth and breadth of literature and theories used, evidence of a critical approach
Ability to create an overall solution, linking the five answers one to each other
Overall Presentation, Professionalism and Referencing
General Comments:
Agreed Mark: