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T Shirt Challenge Brief
The Deliverables
1. Design a brand/Logo to be used on a range of T shirts and/or Sweatshirts.
2. Identify the potential Target Market for your products
3. Produce an excel print out of your profit and loss statement explaining numbers of each product you would order to utilise your £200 budget.
The Budget
• Overall budget you are working to is £200.
• Fixed costs (i.e marketing & advertising) £20.
• Variable costs (i.e. garments) up to a maximum £180.
The Variable Costs Breakdown -:
• Value T shirt mono print £3.00
• Value T shirt full colour £5.00
• T shirts mono print-£5.00
• T shirts full colour print - £7.00
• Hooded sweatshirt mono print £14.00
• Hooded sweatshirt colour print £16.00