Recent Question/Assignment

Research Report
Check List. The work limit does not exceed 2000 words. In the word count are not included such as bibliography/ reference list, in text references, tables and graphs, my questionnaires, the interviews questions, consent form.
Research tools in the Report are the surveys, interviews questions and the consent form. However, these should be placed in an appendix/ appendices, which come after the bibliography/ reference list. For example: Eg. Appendix A: interview questions, Appendix B: consent form, Appendix C: survey questions.
Make sure NOT to include completed forms or consent forms. The respondents details will remain anonymous. I do not need to see the raw data or respondents’ details in the Research Report.
1. Format Research Report
• Title: Public perception of the police work in London: Police work on London streets: what is the most challenging for keeping the public order and safety
• Abstract (150 words)
• Introduction (the rationale and aims of your study) 200-250 words
• Review of Literature (500-600 words)
• Methods (450-500 words)
• Results (400-500 words) But tables and graphs do not count towards the word count. So, if my data is mostly contained within these there is verry little narrative needed.
• Conclusions and Discussion (600-700 words)
• Reference list (this do not count towards word count) this must be in HARVARD style.
• Appendix/ces with research tools (this do not count towards word count)
Please, you provide in-text references in Harvard style in the literature review, methods section, discussion and elsewhere as appropriate to support the points of the entire work and this must correspond with the reference list at the end of the Report.