Recent Question/Assignment

Course work on financial regulators in USA and recommendations or facts on the questions.
It should be a straight to the point but comprehensive and explanatory.
Sources should but most recent government and regulatory body institutions official website or papers.
4000 words.
Part A (35%): Regulatory architecture and international cooperation
• How the roles of the authorities/regulatory framework have evolved since the financial crisis of 2007-2009?
• Critically discuss to what degree the country’s regulatory authority is engaged with international regulatory bodies with particular reference to international standards for capital requirements, AML, resolution, DGS?

Part B (30%): Climate Risk & Environmental, Social and Governance factors for financial institutions.
Central banks and supervisors are becoming increasingly vocal on the need to address climate change as a material financial risk, and are beginning to play a key role in catalyzing financial regulation on climate risk. From issuing statements, to convening stakeholders and surveying markets, their actions can have meaningful implications for financial actors both nationally and internationally.
Financial institutions are under rising regulatory and commercial pressure to protect themselves from the impact of climate change and to align with the global sustainability agenda. Banking regulators around the world, now formalizing new rules for climate-risk management, intend to roll out demanding stress tests in the months ahead. Many investors, responding to their clients’ shifting attitudes, already consider environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) factors in their investment decisions and are channelling funds to “green” companies.
• Discuss the rationale, objectives, and tools of the international legislative framework for financial institutions for eliminating climate risk (general discussion).
• What have been the climate risk and ESG regulatory framework developments in the country assigned to you? Critically discuss the regulatory developments/gaps of the country under consideration compared with EU legislative requirements.
Part C (35%): fintech and crypto-assets regulatory context
• Outline the key features of the regulatory context relevant to Fintech and Crypto-assets in your assigned country.
• Evaluate the key advantages and disadvantages that this regulatory context creates for new fintech start-ups and crypto-asset investors.
• Identify the key risks in the regulatory compliance of FinTech start-ups in this country.