Recent Question/Assignment

I am looking for a service which can answer my business and finance questions. I am not sure if you can see these questions as an assignment.
I tried to understand four words but I have difficulty after searching on the Internet. I am waiting for help on the words -initial equity-, -private institutional placement-, -public share offer- and -letter of credit facility- in the below text, with the help of an analogy or an real life example.
-The private funding of such a large infrastructure project without recourse to government financial guarantees was a complex operation. The CTG / F-M partners subscribed an INITIAL EQUITY of $46 million in 1986. This was increased by a $206 million PRIVATE INSTITUTIONAL PLACEMENT that October. In November 1987 a PUBLIC SHARE OFFER raised a further $770 million from investors. A syndicated bank loan and LETTER OF CREDIT FACILITY had been arranged for funds totalling $5 million.-
For example, I understood -Equity financing- is -raising capital through the sales of shares-. But I cannot find a clear explanation on -Initial equity-, -Institutional placement-, -Public share offer- or -Letter of credit facility-.