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Executive Development – the Assessment
• To critically evaluate personal models of effectiveness in management contexts
• To identify, reflect upon and evidence key areas for your personal development
• To facilitate a commitment to continuous professional development, underpinned by an evidence-based rationale
• To develop positive and enquiring approaches and to challenge existing preconceptions so as to integrate new knowledge for application.
• To develop Mindfulness, allowing you to make informed decisions
• To contribute to the development of well-informed and skilled managers who will compete effectively in the workplace.
Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this unit you should be able to: Assessment Criteria
To achieve the learning outcome you must demonstrate the ability to:
1 Use self-assessment techniques to gain insight into your preferred learning style, team roles and personality as applied to the working environment Audit your capabilities and specify areas of excellence as well as areas for further development
2 Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the significance of personal influence in the process of leading and working with people in international teams to achieve goals and objectives. Analyse critical incidents and chosen scenarios and evaluate a range of approaches you have made in a variety of situations including previous work experience but particularly in your Practice Weeks.
3 Articulate a focus on continuous learning by analysing connections between experiences of working with others, specified personal development needs and their role in career development Critically reflect on feedback received from a variety of sources (including psychometric tests and peer observations) and develop realistic and achievable action plans for individual development based on rigorous needs analysis
4 Utilise a range of self- evaluation skills to inform decision-making in respect of working with others to maximise your performance. This reflection will help to form the basis of development plan. Work in a variety of roles in classroom and Practice Week activities and assess your performance and areas for improvement.
Assessment Strategy
Assessment 1 Portfolio of work : 50%
This is a portfolio based on formative assessments: exercises and psychometric tests undertaken throughout the semester. It will include reflections on your KSAAs (knowledge, skills, abilities and attitude) acquired through lectures, your activities during Practice Weeks and feedback from tutors, your peers , family and friends. It may also include reflections on previous or present work experience.
Week 10 Semester 1 (use the turnitin provided on this site)
Assessment 2: CPD Planning : 50%
You will prepare an audit of your KSAAs and demonstrate how to connect personal and career development in preparing a development plan.
Word count: It is difficult to specify a word count for these two assessments but collectively they should not exceed 4,000 words.
Week 15 Semester 1 (use the turnitin provided on this site)