Recent Question/Assignment

Plz choose a good topic for this and start work on proposal 1500.
plz send me payment link also.
Assignmt is divided into 2 parts..
First part is of 1500 wrds and we are suppose to write the proposal , which gona lnk with the nxt part which is of 5000 words ...
But i hav to submit the first part by 12 th feb 2015
In part 1 u are suppose to provide all the headings which are given in sample assignment which i hav attached, i hav also attached the hand book which has all the details cncering the both parts
In part 1
u have to choose a broad topic in accounting and finance field and tht will include all those questions which will be discusesd in detail in part 2
But in part 1 those questions should nt be lengthy but just precise
And those questions will just cover the specific parts not the whole topic
At this time just focus on first part forget about the second one as i need it on 12th feb
In the handbook i highlight the area which u have to do
a sample assignment is attached. just need to follow the same layout... it ll make work easy for u
i have drawn a structure for u so that it makes u to understand what teacher is looking for.... he wants us to chose a topic for example i have chosen something like role of finance in structuring the economy of a country in this our work should b narrow like by comparing two countries uk and india and how their finance structure the economy.......
I have provided as much information as i can and try to make things easier for u but still u dont understand anything or have confusion about any point u can ask me any time