Recent Question/Assignment

Assignment 1 (50%) Individual
The Report
You are asked to write an Individual Report on “Working in International Teams”. In this report you will explore concepts such as:
• Working in teams and successful team-building
• Working across cultures in international teams
• Theories in practice
You will need to approach this assignment from both a theoretical point of view as well as give examples from your own experience to demonstrate theories in practice. You will also need to include both the teamwork and cultural theories explored in the classroom.
Word count: 2,500 words
Submission date: Friday Week 9 23.59 hours
Where to submit: turnitin only (this BREO site) in “Assessments”
Criteria :
• Ability to work autonomously to produce work within complex, unpredictable and specialized fields to a standard expected of a manager in an international organisation.
• Preparation and submission of an individual report (briefing paper) which allows you to create an original response to a given problem by integrating theories and strategies from across disciplines
• Ability to use given formats
• Ability to write in an accurate and professional manner
Portfolio of Evidence:
You will need to provide creditable evidence both theoretical and practical examples to support your discussions. To assist you with this, there will be a number of articles placed in “Readings” each week. You will need to choose 2 or 3 papers from those provided and summarise these articles in about 500 words each. You will need to hand copies of these summaries to your teacher in Weeks 3 and 6, before you attempt your Report