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Module 2
Write answers in your own words. Your answers should be at least 2 types or 3 handwritter pages. Please don't forget to write your name and roll number on each page of the assignment. You may either post or email it to your tutor. Please don't hesitate to consult your tutors for the completion of your assignment.
1. Write a comprehensive note on the importance of practical life exercises.
2. Explain the different groups of exercises of practical life. How do you think this grouping is helpful?
3. What are the eseential points that we sould keep in mind while presending EPL?
4. Try to explain Formal Setting of a Table and Making a Chicken Spread Sandwich in the same way EPL have been explained in this book for you.
5. Write just the names of as many EPL as possible (that you think a child can do) and which are not mentioned in the book.

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