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Assignment front sheet
Qualification Unit number and title
Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Business
Unit 4: Marketing Principles
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06/02/2015 22/05/2015
Learning Outcome
Learning outcome Assessment
Criteria In this assessment you will have the opportunity to present evidence that shows you are able to: Task no.
(Page no)
Understand the concept and process of marketing 1.1 Explain the various elements of the marketing process 1
Evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing
orientation for a selected organisation 1
Be able to use the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning 2.1
Show macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions 2
Propose segmentation criteria to be used for products in different markets 2
Choose a targeting strategy for a selected product/service
2.4 Demonstrate how buyer behavior affects marketing
activities in different buying situations
Propose new positioning for a selected
Understand the individual elements of
the extended marketing mix
3.1 Explain how products are developed to sustain competitive advantage 3
3.2 Explain how distribution is arranged to provide customer convenience
3.3 Explain how prices are set to reflect an organisation’s objectives and market conditions 3
3.4 Illustrate how promotional activity is integrated to
achieve marketing objectives 3
3.5 Analyse the additional elements of the extended
marketing mix 3
Be able to use the marketing mix in different contexts 4.1 Plan marketing mixes for two different segments in consumer markets 4
4.2 Illustrate differences in marketing products and services to businesses rather than consumers 4
4.3 Show how and why international marketing differs
from domestic marketing. 4
Learner declaration
I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged.
Student signature: Date:
In addition to the above PASS criteria, this assignment gives you the opportunity to submit evidence in order to achieve the following MERIT and DISTINCTION grades
Grade Descriptor
Indicative characteristic/s
Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions • Effective judgements have been made
• An effective approach to study and research has been applied. • Effective judgments have been made in understanding the application of Marketing principles on Kaffel Ltd office furniture. For example when analyzing external environment or selecting STP strategies
• Applied when researching the external environment of the company and when preparing the marketing plan for the organization
Select / design and apply appropriate methods / techniques • The selection of methods and techniques/sources has been justified
• The design of methods/techniques has been
• Complex information/data has been synthesised and processed
To achieve M2, you will have to:
• Explain and justify the selection of your segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies for the company, as well as the marketing plan
• Analyze the basic elements and the additional elements of the extended marketing mix Task 3.
Present and communicate appropriate findings Communication is appropriate for familiar and unfamiliar audiences and appropriate media have been used. To achieve M3 the work you present will need to:
Be presented in suitable business formats and will use business terminology accurately. [Apply to all AC]
Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions • Conclusions have been arrived at through synthesis of ideas and have been justified
• The validity of results has been evaluated using defined criteria
To achieve D1 you will have to:
• Have reached conclusions which draw out the links between the marketing mix and the achievement of the marketing objectives
[ 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 3.5 AC]
Take responsibility for
managing and organising activities • Autonomy/independence has been demonstrated
• Substantial activities, projects or investigations have been planned, managed and organised
To achieve D2 you will have to show:
• An original marketing plan (as result of extensive experience) within the current competition, supporting theories for your choice of methodology for the data collection about finding the product/service as the subject of your analysis throughout the assignment. [4.1]
Demonstrate convergent
/lateral / creative thinking • • Problems have been solved
Effective thinking has taken place in unfamiliar contexts. To achieve D3, you will have to demonstrate:
• Your ability to use various financial and quantitative tools to support your decision making process
• Assumptions about the surprises that may take place when the product/service project is being pursued.
• Sensitivity analysis for upward and downward turns in the project’s lifetime. [All ACs]
Assignment title Understanding and application of Marketing Principles
Purpose of this assignment
The aim of this assignment is to give learners the opportunity to apply the principles and the basic concepts of marketing in different scenarios.
You have recently assumed the position of a marketing executive at Kaffel Ltd, an office furniture provider which has a few stores to serve consumers directly, but also have a strong participation in the industrial market (B2B). You are the first marketer in this small company. Kaffel’s main priority has always been its production unit. Only few years ago they started looking more into the sales department and decided to invest more in the Sales team. The Senior Management Team does not have any marketing knowledge or experience and the company does not have a structured marketing department. However, they are looking at ways to grow the business and want to explore new business opportunities. They are also keen to discover new markets beyond the borders.
You have been assigned to design a marketing plan for the company for both sectors (B2C and B2B). However, your first task is to sell the marketing concept to the Senior Management team and influence them to turn the company into a marketing oriented organisation. To achieve this, you will have to do the following tasks:
Task 1 (LO1: 1.1, 1.2, M3)
To ensure the Senior Managers will understand and support your plan, write a preliminary report to explain to them the marketing concept, the elements that constitute the marketing process; Then, evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for Kaffel.
Task 2 (LO2: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5, M1, M3)
2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5 Continue your report with a demonstration of macro and micro environmental factors which could influence the marketing decisions in the company.
As the company is participating in both sectors B2C and B2B, propose segmentation criteria and a targeting strategy to be used for products in these two different markets and based on their objective propose a new positioning for the company and its products.
2.4 Explain the Consumer buying behaviour concept to the Senior Management Team and demonstrate them how buyer behavior affects marketing activities in different buying situations
Assignment brief
Unit number and title Unit 4: Marketing Principles
Qualification Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Business
Start date 06/02/2015
Deadline/Hand-in date 22/05/2015

Task 3 (LO3: 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4,3.5, M2, M3, D1)
3.1 The next step in your report is to explain the individual elements of the marketing mix to make sure the Management team understand the importance of each and every element. Begin by Describe how the office furniture and other products can be developed to sustain competitive advantage.
3.2 In terms of their distribution, explain how a good distribution arrangement can provide customer convenience for both markets (B2C and B2B)
3.3 Regarding to their pricing strategy, explain how they could set the prices to reflect Kaffel’s growth objectives, positioning strategy and market conditions
3.4 Illustrate how promotional activity can be integrated to achieve marketing objectives
3.5 Finish your Preliminary report with an Analysis of the three additional elements of the marketing mix (extended marketing mix)
Task 4 (LO4: 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, M3, D2, D3)
4.1 After ensuring that the Management Team has a clear understanding of the marketing concept and the theory, plan two (2) different marketing mixes, both of them for the consumer market. One marketing mix for the premium range of the office furniture and another one for the economy range.
4.2, 4.3 Conclude your report by explaining the differences in marketing Kaffel’s furnitures to businesses rather than consumers and show them how and why international marketing differs from domestic marketing, thus they can make their decision about going internationally.
---End of assignment-
Materials for reading and consulting:
Brassington F and Pettitt S — Principles of Marketing 4 Edition (Financial Times/Prentice Hall, 2006) ISBN: 9780273695592
Kotler P et al — Principles of Marketing, 5 Edition (Financial Times/prentice Hall, 2010) ISBN: 9780273743279
Campaign (Haymarket Publishing)
Harvard Business Review (Harvard Business Publishing)
The Marketing Review (Westburn Publishers Ltd)
The Marketer (Journal of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Magazine)
Marketing Business (The Chartered Institute of Marketing Magazine)
Marketing Week (Centaur Communications Ltd)
The Financial Times and other daily newspapers which contain a business section and market reports
Bized provides a selection of teaching and learning resources
The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s site contains a useful knowledge centre The Financial Times business sections multimedia resources
Word Count
Learners must state the exact number of words they have used on the assignment submission form and comply with the word count of 3,500 with a margin of +/- 10%. However, please note that the calculations, tables, bibliography and appendices are excluded from word counts.
Plagiarism and collusion
Any act of plagiarism and collusion will be seriously dealt with according to the Edexcel plagiarism policy. Basically, plagiarism occurs when excerpts, ideas, passages taken from other sources are not properly acknowledged and referenced both in the body of the text and in reference. It is the learner’s responsibility to ensure that they understand all Edexcel guidelines with regards to plagiarism and what Edexcel considers to be an academic offence.
Collusion can be understood as the submission of works produced in collaboration for an assignment based on the assessment of individual work. It is a severe academic offence to share a learner’s work with others who submit a part or the whole of it as their own work. The College has mechanisms in place to detect plagiarism and collusion.
Learners must sign the declaration on the front of the assignment submission form.
Submission Guidance and Policies for Edexcel Students
This is an individual assignment. All parts of the assignment are required to be presented in a professional format, MS Word processed with full citation and references following Harvard system.
Brit College strongly advises the learners to follow the guidance below:
• Brit College prefers Times New Roman 12 or Arial 11 in the body of the text.
• An assignment cover sheet and a receipt must be attached along with each submitted assignment.
• All assignments must have clear headings and sub-headings where necessary.
• Make sure you state the word count on the title page.
• Assignments must be printed in black and white.
Late Submission and Resubmission
• Assignments will not be accepted for assessment by lecturers unless an extenuating circumstances form has been filled in and duly authorized by a member of staff.
• Students will receive the feedback form and guidance from the lecturer to improve in the areas of their weaknesses on their first submission. Please note that assignments can be resubmitted only once. A resubmitted assignment will be awarded a failed grade should it not meet the required pass grade marks and results in retaking the module.
• Please note that a resubmitted assignment will earn a maximum pass grade should it sufficiently meet the required criteria.
• A fine may also apply in case of resubmission.
Extensions and Extra-ordinary Circumstances
• Extensions are only granted for documented medical reasons and/or other documented serious interruptions relevant to your ability to study.
• Please note that extensions are not allowed due to your inability to organize your work.
• Should there be any extra-ordinary circumstances; the College should be made aware of this in writing.
• The college preserves the right not to accept or mark the assignment in case you failed to inform it in time.