Recent Question/Assignment

Report and Reflective Literature Survey
Deadline: 28th March 2015
In this assignment you will conduct a literature review that will form the research background for your project proposal. You will identify four journal articles (or chapters from multi-authored academic books) that inform your project idea.
Your Task
For this assignment you need to submit a report consisting of the following sections:
Section Content Indicative word count
Introduction A brief summary of the report 250
Research Aims A description of the research topic of your project, and the research question(s) you intend to answer with the project 250
Professional Aims A description of the professional issues addressed by your project, for example the technologies and professional practices involved. Also discuss the professional skill you will need to develop in order to deliver the project. 250
Literature Review Summaries of FOUR journal articles or book chapters related to your project’s research aims, and discuss their implications for your project. 1000-1500
Conclusion Summarise your findings to date, and identify the next steps you will be taking to develop your project ideas 250
Submitting Your Work
The report should be submitted via the Turnitin link shown in the Moodle page for this module.
Late Submission and Plagiarism
Refer to the Student Handbook on these issues, pages 31 and 64 respectively.
Marking Guidelines
The General Assessment Guidelines for Level HE5 will be used when marking the submitted report; see page 33 and 78 of the Student Handbook for details.
Learning Outcomes
This assignment addresses the following module learning outcomes.
LO1 undertake a critical literature search using appropriate sources and communicate and plan a project effectively.
LO2 reflect on past achievements and identify professional aims and objectives you individual project.
LO5 explain the relationship between enterprise, creativity and innovation in relation to the computing sector.