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Executive Summary
(Present a summary of the whole work. This is not included in wordcount)
Table of Contents
1. Introduction – (150 words)
(Present an introduction to the report. Explain what the report will be about and its purpose)
2. Discussion and Analysis
2.1. The Market Structure of the coffee shop industry in UK (400 words)
(Briefly explain the four main market structures and identify and analyse the one that describes the coffee shop industry in the UK)
2.2. Micro Environmental Analysis of the UK a coffee shop Industry (500 words – Use Porter’s Five Forces)
2.3. External Environmental Analysis of the coffee shop Industry in UK
(600 words – Use PESTLE ANALYSIS)
3. Recommendations (200 words)
(Provide recommendations to the business them on some of the core matters that need to be addressed)
4. Conclusion (150 words)
5. References
(Provide at least 15 References)

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