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Assignment Task & Wordcount:
In this individual assignment (Assessed 100% towards your unit final mark).
1. Produce a MAXIMUM 3500-word (Maximum word count: see explanatory notes on word count below) individual report in which you critically evaluate how one Industry 4.0 (14.0) technology is driving transformation in organisations.
• You should select and focus on only one type of 14.0 technology of your choice and investigate in depth its impacts on a firm's operations and their environment.
- You must critically and analytically discuss the drivers and the impact of the Industry 4.0 technology which you have identified, on a relevant business and their performance.
- You will provide insights as to how that Industry 4.0 technology has been addressing operational issues in a business and improving these.
- You should present a brief historic review within your introduction, describing the evolution to Industry 4.0 to date and its impact in terms of societal, sustainable, ethical, and technological evolution.
Over-length work
2. Critical essays and assignments have a stated word count. Written work that exceeds the stated count is viewed as a form of rubric violation. When we set an assignment with a particular word count, we are assessing how well you are able to construct and develop an argument, or compose a creative piece, within a given limit.
For this reason, markers will apply the following penalties to overlength work: Amount the submitted work is in excess of the provided guidance and effect on final mark:
• 0% -10% None
• 11% - 30% Mark reduced by 10%
• 31% Mark capped at 50%
3. What is included and what is excluded from the word count: Word count includes: all text, quotations, and footnotes (if used). Word count excludes Title and Bibliography/List of References.
Further explanatory notes:
-Your coursework assignment indicates a MAXIMUM length.
-That maximum word count covers all text, including quotations and footnotes (if applicable), but does not include the essay title and bibliography.
-Penalties will be imposed (on a sliding scale, see above) on any piece of assessed work that exceeds the maximum word count by more than 10% of the maximum length (i.e. more than 1650 for a 1500 word essay or 3300 for a 3000 word essay and so on).
-Under-length work will not incur extra penalties but will usually bring its own penalty because the full word count is not being used.
Included in wprd {puny
• All text, including quotations and footnotes (if used).
Excluded in word count:
• The essay/report Title,
• Bibliography (List of References),
Unit Learning Outcomes (LO) Assessed:
1. Explain the historic context and evolution, which has transformed societal development from the first industrial revolution to what is known as the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0.
2. Evaluate the drivers of Digitisation and Information Technologies.
3. Assess the impact of Industry 4.0 to the business environment.
Further Assignment Details and Instructions:
You must critically and analytically discuss the current landscape, the drivers and the impact of the Industry 4.0 (14.0) technology which you have identified, on the relevant business and their performance but also to people and society. You will provide insights as to how Industry 4.0 (14.0) has been addressing operational issues and improving efficiencies, but also provide a critical review of societal and environmental changes, both positive and negative.
The main tasks are as follows:
Select ONE Industry 4.0 (14.0) technology, critically discuss and evaluate how is driving transformation in an organisation. In order to narrow the scope, you should select only one type of 14.0 technology of your choice, (such as CPS, blockchain, loT, Big Data & Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, etc.) and critically review in depth its impacts on a firm’s operations and their environment. Furthermore, you should select one Case Study firm, to focus your discussion on.
1. Critically discuss ONE Industry 4.0 technology (for example: Internet-of-Things (loT) OR cyber-physical-systems OR cloud computing, etc.) and in your discussion critically review appropriate, current academic literature on this ONE technology.
2. Choose ONE organisation in any sector. It is preferable to find an existing organisation to which you have direct access. Small or medium-sized organisations are recommended; however, a sub-section or department of a big organisation may be considered.
3. Study the existing impact that the specific ONE Industry 4.0 technology (see para. 1) has/may have on the ONE organisation (see para 2.) and critically assess the current vs. future operations of the organisation.
4. Critically evaluate drivers for the ONE Industry 4.0 technology adaptation on the selected ONE organisation. Importantly: the evaluation should also focus on human and societal aspects of Industry 4.0 adaptation, and not only the technologies that support it. ALSO: Theories underpinning this evaluation must be based on current literature discussed in part 1.
5. Critically analyse the impact of practices and technologies discussed in part 4 on the performance of the chosen organisation. In this part, the evaluation should focus on both what works and what does not. Possible areas of evaluation in the organisation may cover automation of business processes, operational flexibility, resilience, sustainability, competitive advantage in exploiting opportunities, as well as human, societal aspects and financial impacts. Support your analysis with relevant literature as required.
6. Identify potential areas for improvement and the potential gains from adopting Industry 4.0 in organisations. Also identify and possible arguments and downsides of adapting Industry 4.0, such as the effects of automation on workforce reduction, operational consolidation and efficiency improvement initiatives which impact on social/environmental aspects of society.

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