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1. Module Specification
Module Title: Human Resource Management
Parent Programme Title (if applicable): BA (Hon) Business Studies
Faculty and School: Faculty of Sciences, engineering and Social Sciences.
Canterbury Christ Church Business School
Level: 5
Credit Rating: 20
Semester / Trimester of Delivery: 1
Year of Delivery: B.A. Year 2
Pre-Requisites: N/A
Co-Requisites: N/A
Programmes for which this is a core module BA Business Studies with Foundation Year
PSRB requirements N/A
“Channel 4 warns staff of job cuts amid shift from TV to streaming. The company has told staff to prepare for jobs to be impacted as it looks to tighten budgets this year (Independent, 2024) ( Source , Accessed: 08th January 2024)
As a Human Resource Management Consultant, you have been invited by Channel 4 to advise them on the possibility of restructuring their HR practices in order to compete more effectively in the global marketplace. Linking relevant theories on SHRM, and the role of SHRM in creating a high-performance organisation, you are required to complete the tasks below:
1. Drawing on Storey’s model, critically discuss the main differences between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management (LO1)
2. Examine the company’s strategic priorities as far as Human Resource practices are concerned (LO2)
3. Using SHRM models that you think fit, critically discuss the company’s “Model of Employment”, and explore the organizational levers available to manage human resources in such a way as to contribute to sustainable competitive advantage. (LO3)
4. Critically explore its organisational culture and its impact on the company’s SHRM. (LO4)
All information about the company must be appropriately sourced and evaluated.
Activity Type Activity Descriptor Weighting Length / Duration Week Due
Written Report Individual Report 100% 4000 words July 15th 2024
A maximum of 4000 words not including title page, table of contents, appendices or list of references.
Assessment Strategy
The module is assessed via a 100% written report to enable students to demonstrate their understanding on the concepts and key functions of HR in organizations and how various strategic HR models in supporting the effective management of organizations
Presentation & Style, incl. accuracy, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and numeracy - 10 marks
Conforming to Instructions - 10 marks
Content and Knowledge- 40 marks
Thinking & Analysis- 30 marks
Conclusion- 10 marks
• Late submission of assessed work will only be permitted for a period of 2 working days (working days are defined as Monday to Friday).
• The penalty for late submission within the allowable period will be a flat 10% of the available marks.
• After 2 working days late, a mark of 0 will be recorded and the work will be considered a non-

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