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Assignment Details and Instructions.
You are required to conduct an in-depth analysis of the case study provided for the unit assessment: Apple Inc: Managing a Global Supply Chain. Your analysis will be presented in a report of up to 4,000 words and will provide detailed answers to the following analysis tasks:
1. Explain why and how Apple Inc directly manages its iPhone global supply chain instead of outsourcing the operation to a third-party contract manufacturer or service provider.
2. Using appropriate models and frameworks, explain how supply chain management contributes to Apple Inc's global competitiveness.
3. Critically analyse and assess the respective advantages and disadvantages of Apple's iPhone global supply chain strategy.
4. Explain why understanding Apple's global iPhone supply chain is so important to an analysis of BXE’s investment portfolio.
The report should be broken down into suitable sections/sub-sections. These should include a summary/abstract, introduction, plus four additional sections that relate to each of the case study analysis tasks listed above (the final section will act as a conclusion your report). You are required to support your analysis of the case study with references to the appropriate academic literature as well as academic and practitioner-derived secondary sources (e.g. company and industry reports).
You may use diagrams and/or tables in your report. Provided diagrams/tables do not attempt to artificially circumvent the 4,000 word limit (e.g., by simply labelling a block of text as a figure), they are not included in the count.
Referencing and citation should comply with the Harvard Style. Table of contents and the references section are not included in the word count. Reports should be word-processed using Microsoft Word and submitted to Moodle in this file format.. An easily legible font, such as Ariel, Calibri or Times New Roman, should be used. Diagrams may be hand drawn and then scanned/photographed before insertion into the final report. Where diagrams are cut and pasted, they should be cited and referenced.
Plagiarism and Academic Integrity
The work submitted must be your own. All submissions are checked for originality using various tools such as Turnitin. Please refer to the University's guidelines